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We are an independent online pet supplies store and our mission is to improve the quality of life of all our furry best friends, and to help people understand why it is so important to feed our pets with healthy, high quality food.Most of the grocery brands have meal by-product ingredients, corn, soy, wheat, artificial colorants and preservatives that are not good for the digestive system of cats and dogs. By feeding our pets with ingredients rich in nutrients that are safely sourced, we keep them happy and healthy!

We only carry the best food and treat brands in the industry, no food from China, no food with fillers, no food from companies that test on animals. Same goes for all our other products - all tested and held to the highest standards. We offer FREE same day delivery to all local delivery area in Golden, Colorado. Order by noon and get your order the same day at your door. Forget about the extra trip to the store, let the store come to you! For all our other customers, we ship the same day that you order. It's that fast and easy.

Take a look around at what we have to offer. if you have any questions or special requests please let us know. Your opinion is very important to us!
Katia Rios is the owner of and she's also a dog trainer.

 She is a Production Engineer, and after 15 years of working in her field, she and her family moved to Colorado to enjoy the great outdoors.
That's when she decided to go back to doing what she always loved the most since she was a little girl: enjoy nature and be around dogs.

Katia is now a balanced trainer, she works mostly on behavior modification and has helped a lot of families to have a much better relationship with their dogs.

The philosophy behind of what Katia does, is to achieve balance in a dog's life. She knows that exercise, structure and love are key components, but also high quality food, treats and supplies.

That's how in 2014, she and her husband, decided to create a company that focuses on providing dog lovers with the highest quality pet products in the industry. That's what is all about!

Katia is married to Bert Van Der Zaag and they have son, Sebastian, he's a great pack leader as well.
Bert Van Der Zaag is also the owner of

He is an Industrial Design Engineer and helps Katia in his free time with the dogs or adding incredible tech-savvy improvements to the site and company in general.

He also is the website designer and user interface guru.

He loves to go mountain biking and sometimes he takes the most athletic dogs with him. The dogs love it!
And at last but not least, Sandy, the mascot of DISPETCH!

Sandy is one of our three dogs, we rescued her when she was 8 weeks old and we trained her to be Katia's right hand.

She goes on hikes every day with Katia and helps by keeping the dogs well behaved during the walks and when Katia is rehabilitating dogs with behavior issues and poor social skills.

Sandy shows the other dogs how a balanced dog is supposed to behave and teach them to be calm and friendly to the other dogs.

She's totally amazing!

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