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Crumps' Naturals - Beef Liver Bites 4.7oz
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Brand: Crumps Naturals Model: CRBFLV
Freeze Dried Liver is an exceptionally palatable treat.High in protein.Low in fat.Made from 100% federally-inspected beef liver.No colors, additives or preservatives.Cubed and freeze dried in small, delicious bite sized portions.Great as a training treat...
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Crumps' Naturals - Beef Lung Tender Sticks 4.2oz
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Brand: Crumps Naturals Model: CRBFTS
Ingredients: Beef LungAnother fantastically palatable 100% Beef Lung treat from Crumps’ Naturals.A Super training treat.100% federally-inspected beef lung that is sliced thin and cut into convenient sized sticks.Beef Lung Tender Sticks are soft and break up easily.No additives, no preservatives, no ..
$13.59 $15.99
Crumps' Naturals - Lamb Chops 4.2oz
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Brand: Crumps Naturals Model: CRLMCH
Lamb Chops100% Canadian lamb lung baked and sliced into strips but are soft enough to break into small pieces. Lamb is an alternative single source protein ideal for dogs with specific allergies or food sensitivities...
$14.45 $16.99
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