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Iceland Pure - Unscented Salmon Oil for Cats & Dogs

Iceland Pure - Unscented Salmon Oil for Cats & Dogs
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Iceland Pure - Unscented Salmon Oil for Cats & Dogs

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Recommended Feeding:

  • Dogs & Cats 50lb or under 1,000mg x day = 2 pump daily
  • Dogs greater than 50lb 2,000mg x day = 4 pumps daily
  • Dogs greater that 100l 3,000mg x day = 6 pumps daily or as recommended by your Veterinarian.

OK to refrigerate 1 pump = 1/2 teaspoon.

Iceland Pure Fish Oils DO NOT have ROSEMARY as a preservativestudies have shown that in certain occasions such extract can cause  neurological problems, seizures and anemia.


'We extract our oils at very low temperatures. This procedure ensures that the fatty acids are not broken thus the fish oil qualities are not lost. Our process of distillation is called "molecular-distillation". This is a state-of-the-art process by which all harmful materials are separated and removed from the product. After the detoxification process, the levels of impurities, toxins or heavy metals in our products are considered toxin free specially in comparison to FDA guide lines. They are many molecular-distillation methods; most keeps the oils at up to 250 degrees C for up to 6 hours under vacuum. Our manufacturer uses a molecular distillation process that takes only 45 seconds at 250 degrees C under high vacuum. This shortening of the "sit" or "residence" time for the process greatly improves the quality because it guarantees that no trans fats are created.'

We recommend that use the oils within 120 days from the day you open the bottle.

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Guaranteed Analysis Guaranteed Analysis per Teaspoon (4,800mg) Crude Protein 0% Crude Fat 99.9% Moisture 0.1% Crude Ash 0% Total Omega 3 Fatty Acids max* 1,118 mg/tsp Elcosapentaenoic Acid max* (EPA) 644 mg Docosahexaenoic Acid max *(DHA) 414 mg Omega 6 fatty acid’s max* 82 mg Vitamin E 1,051ppm Ingredients: Atlantic Salmon - farmed Norwegian salmon Mixed Tocopherols (preservative)