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Himalayan Dog

Leanlix - Dog Treat
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Brand: Himalayan Dog Model: LNLIX
leanlix® is an innovative new low-calorie reward and training tool for dogs. A fun, healthy reward treat that can be licked by dogs. While most dog treats have about 30 calories per serving, gluten-free and grain-free leanlix®< has less than one calorie. At 40 licks per calorie and 3 licks per se..
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Brand: Himalayan Dog Model: HIMDCH
HIMALAYAN YAK DOG CHEWS   These all natural yak milk chews are a delicious, healthy and fun alternative to all the chemically treated and laboratory-made products out there.These delicious chews are handmade at 15,000 feet in the majestic mountains of the Himalayas with just fou..
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