Cat Toys

Cat Toys
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OP Cosmic - Catnip Carrot

100% fill, 100% thrill!Strong, fragrant aromaNo fillers – just genuine OurPets North-American-grown catnipOur Pets 100% filled toys are simply the fin..


Petlinks - Cheese Chaser Remote Controlled Mouse Toy for Cats

Remote control puts the action in your handsFeathers provide an easy trigger to a cat's natural instinctsSimple controller means anyone can enjoy play..


Petlinks - Mistery Motion Toy for Cats

Unpredictable motions replicate the movement of hidden preyFour speeds let you customize the funToys that mimic the thrill of the hunt encourage even ..


Petlinks - Wild Thing Toy for Cats

Erratically spinning feathers encourage healthy activityMothing toy promotes acitivy and helps improve your cat s physical well beingOuter casing made..