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Brand: OP Cosmic Model: OPCNIP
LOOSE CATNIPGenuine OurPets premium, North-American-grown catnipFragrant herb inspires lively playSprinkle on toys or scratchers to encourage useGenuine OurPets premium, North-American-grown catnip is cultivated to be the strongest, most aromatic catnip on the planet. Pinch some between your fingers..
Brand: OP Cosmic Model: COSCART
100% fill, 100% thrill!Strong, fragrant aromaNo fillers – just genuine OurPets North-American-grown catnipOur Pets 100% filled toys are simply the finest North-American-grown catnip packaged inside colorful, tempting shapes perfect for batting, chasing, snuggling, and kicking...
Brand: Petlinks Model: PETCHS
Remote control puts the action in your handsFeathers provide an easy trigger to a cat's natural instinctsSimple controller means anyone can enjoy playingPlastic parts made with recycled plastic..
Brand: Petlinks Model: PETMIST
Unpredictable motions replicate the movement of hidden preyFour speeds let you customize the funToys that mimic the thrill of the hunt encourage even inactive cats to chase, pounce and leapOuter casing made from recycled plastic..
Brand: Petlinks Model: PETWDTH
Erratically spinning feathers encourage healthy activityMothing toy promotes acitivy and helps improve your cat s physical well beingOuter casing made with recycled plasticBatteries not included..
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