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Carna4® Flora4® Ground Sprouted Seeds Food Topper - 18oz

Our amazing Flora4 Ground Sprouted Seeds Food Topper simplifies the chore of learning how to supplement effectively to add the live probioti..


Iceland Pure - Unscented Salmon Oil for Cats & Dogs

Recommended Feeding:Dogs & Cats 50lb or under 1,000mg x day = 2 pump daily Dogs greater than 50lb 2,000mg x day = 4 pumps daily Dogs gr..


InClover - Flow Urinary Tract Health for Cats - 2.1oz

Urinary tract (UT) health is essential to comfort and wellbeing. Flow® uses a scientifically formulated combination of natural dandelion, cranberry, p..

$6.99 $5.99

InClover - Optagest Powder for Dogs and Cats

OptaGest® is a daily digestive supplement for dogs and cats. This gentle, yet effective formula of the prebiotic organic inulin and four plant-ba..


InClover - Sleek for Hairballs, Skin and Coat Support for Cats - 2.1oz

Keep your kitty looking and feeling great with Sleek® skin & coat care from In Clover. Developed by animal health experts, Sleek supplies your fel..

$6.99 $5.99

InClover - Smile for Dental Health for Cats - 2.1oz

Keep your cat’s grin gleaming with Smile® dental care soft chews. Developed by feline health experts, the proprietary formula of flavonoids, prebiotic..

$6.99 $5.99

InClover - Spry for Respiratory and Ocular Support for Cats - 2.1oz

Developed by animal health experts, Spry® is scientifically formulated with clinical levels of active ingredients. Power-packed with L-lysine, organic..

$6.99 $5.99

K9 Granola - Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for Cats and Dogs

Excellent source of medium chain triglycerides (MCT's) and lauric acid. Has been shown to have multiple benefits including:Helps improve di..


Nosemagic - Balm for Chapped Noses

Soothes Chapped Noses Like Magik!Canadian made, all-natural beeswax-based formula is a natural alternative for soothing dry, chapped noses.Features:So..